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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Do I wanna lose weight

The question of the day has been Why Do I wanna lose weight?
For What reason would weight loss benefit me?

Well I am losing Weight for Myself. But I am also losing weight so my husband and I can start out own family! We have been trying for a baby for about 4 years. And Ive come to the conclusion that I havent been able to get to pregnant because of my weight. My Cycle for my period has always been 28 days. it was always on time. Until i was 21. then it changed and wouldnt come at all for months I was checked in Feb of 2007 and had a Huge cyst removed from my ovary. and was told that i should be having normal periods after it was removed. well i never got it i had to be put on a medication that would give me a period. and my doctor told me if i lost weight that my period more than likely would come back. and i said "more than likely" and then she said no it will. because i have been tested for PCOS but i dont have it. but i swore i did because my periods were irregular. so they checked again..nope didnt have it. so i said can we try one more time..and so they did but nope i dont it. and they also checked me for any hormonal imbalance they may have missed. but i dont have one. so its my weight. my weight is stopping me from my cycle and my weight is stopping me from enjoying life. and my weight is stopping me from having the family i have always dreamed of. so i am going to do this. i am going to lose this weight. the weight wont control me and nothing else will either. I deserve to be happy. I would benefit from weight loss because I would be healthy again. I havent always been overweight..i gained weight when i got married. before i got married i was a little chubby. i was in my low 200's but the way my body holds the weight is completely different than most people my height. i also am into dance and i havent been able to dance like i used to. my life has been taken away from weight alive breathing but i am living in a shell.
I sometimes get embarrassed of how i look. so i stay inside because i dont want people to look at me. or to think bad things about me. but i go out sometimes because i know its better to get out than to stay in. Once i get my weight under control i know i will feel good inside and outside. :)

til next time..


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Im sick of it! the weight loss plan!

Okay so to me theres no start date you just have to do it!
no time frames or time limits or anything like that!

My plan of attack! lol

Eating plan:

I Want to have set times to eat certain things.

Breakfast must be eaten somewhere between 8AM-11AM
Foods must be eaten in serving size portions only
Foods that are okay:
*Multi Grain Cherrios
*Quaker oats
*Cream of Wheat
one of those with one of these
*ALL fruits
*vanilla yogurt
*protein shake

Lunch Must be eaten between 12PM-3pm

Foods that are okay:
*Whole grain turkey sandwich
*salad(lettuce,carrots,cucumber,Light Dressing and sometimes Chicken)
*Veggies whole grain noodles with oscar mayer turkey smoked sausage

Dinner must be eaten between 4PM-7PM

Foods that are okay:
*Spaghetti made with whole grain noodles and ground turkey or chicken only
*healthy pizza (flat out,Sauce,fat free cheese,and Veggies)
*Grilled chicken,Veggies,And fruit.

Snack will be eaten between meals. like in between the times the meals are to be eaten so for example breakfast is from 8-11am so my breakfast and snack must be eaten in those time frames.

my snacks will be kept like and healthy
*fiber one bars
*protein shakes
*carrot sticks
*fat free puddings
*whole grain crackers

and i will be treating myself to certain things every now and then.

Workout plan

For my workout plan my husband got me the Zumba fitness dvds
so i will be doing those 4-6 days a week.
i will be doing 20-45 min walks 2-4 times a week.
and i will be doing ab and leg work outs of my own 2 times a week.

I will be doing my best to get weigh ins on camera for u all.
if not ill take pics of the scale and update you all periodically.

so this is my FINAL plan that im sure will work because its my plan and no1 elses.


god bless you all on your journeys. :)

much love

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey hey Everyone heres an update!

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to give u all a little update on me.
so July wasn't the right month for me. I made a lot of mistakes
that i happen to make every time i go on a diet. but this i wanted to
make my weight loss more than a diet. i wanted to make it a TRUE Lifestyle change! I want to change my life and lose th
is weight and become healthy. so this time i have realistic goals for myself. i feel that in doing so is the only way im going to really lose weight. so my main goal is to get out of the 300's and into the 200's i would like to weight 299lbs by Halloween. Thats giving me 12 weeks roughly to get there.
I have set up in my room a chart that will motivate me to get there.
I have my husband working with me as a personal trainer. hes giving me my work outs. BUT i wont be strongly working out until i get all my eating under control. The portions and eating part is what always holds me back from losing weight. so i figure if i focu
s on 1 thing at a time then ill be able to lose this weight permanently. So for now its just Taking control of the food and exercise when i can. then once i get that going to be working out 6 days a week and working on that part. :) i did weigh in on sunday so i will show u a picture of that weigh in.

Sorry its a really bad picture! i was using my husbands crappy cell phone lol!

But anyways theres the weigh in. Yes im back at 343lbs. but im going to lose the weight i have 12 weeks to get 45lbs off my body!
thanks so much for reading and remember u can always comment and give me some advice!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

So here is a list of some questions i get asked often along with the answers.
I figure i can do this rather have you all wait for me to get back to you. and does kinda suck to have to say the same thing over and over lol.


1.What made you decide to lose weight?

Well I decided to lose weight because I want to be healthy
And im tired of feeling so tired all the time and im tired of not
being able to do the things i wish i could. i dont wanna wish anymore
i just wanna do things! and also a big part of losing weight is that my husband and i can have the family we always dreamed of.

2.What diet plan are you following?

Well Ive tried several different diets. and most of them dont work.
yes i have also tried diet pills and none of them do anything for me either,But like i always say dont NOT try something because it didnt work for me. you gotta try things on your own and see what works for you. Currently i am following calorie counting on weekends and weight watchers during the week. i love weight watchers because you can eat a variety of foods and stay within points and not have to worry about the whole counting calories. but i have always loved counting calories because for me i tend to lose more weight counting my calories. im pretty sure i might be going back to calorie counting full force with in the next week or so.

3.When did you start losing weight?

I started losing weight the very same day i made my Youtube channel which was August 29,2009

4.How much weight have you lost?

I have lost 30lbs so far. I know its been almost a year and i should have lost more but ive dealt with a lot of family crap these last few months. so i did gain some weight back but im working on getting outta the 300's

5.what workouts do you do?

currently I am doing @ home workouts, i make sure i get in some sort of cardio wheather it be walking or jogging in place. i do jumping jacks and a few other things as well. and i do strength training with resistance bands and weights.
i am planning on getting some work out DVD's soon! im open to suggestions.

6.How many days a week do you work out?

I work out 5 days a week.

7.Do you have cheat days?

I have one cheat day per month. but I do not take advantage of that.
but i am planning on getting rid of the cheat day because it sets me back sometimes. just one meal sets me back! thats crazy lol. sometimes the cheat day or cheat meal can become cheat week or even month. i am learning to control it though. you ever feel like giving up?

Yes there are plenty of times where i just get over whelmed with my personal life that i just cant focus properly. and i just wanna give up. because im an emotional eater. so being stressed,or sad or angry just makes me wanna eat. and that doesnt work when you are losing weight.

9. why did you decide to post videos on youtube?

I decided to post videos on youtube basically because i feel that if i can succeed with this weight loss journey and i can make videos and give advice or encouragement to others to succeed then im all for it! i also want to be able to look back and see how far ive come. i motivate myself sometimes lol.

10. whats your goal weight?

My goal weight is to just be healthy but if i had to choose numbers id say my goal is to be 220lbs for now. and then ill work on my ultimate goal of getting to 150lbs.
im working at this weight loss slowly. i dont want to overwhelm myself.

11. what was your starting weight?

all of my information stats are on my youtube channel!

12.who or what motivates you?

My husband is my hugest supporter! and then id have to say the weight loss community is my 2nd biggest motivator! :)

13.What kind of camcorder do you use?

I use 2 different once The 1st one is a JVC EVERIO and the second one is a Sony Handycam. i love them both but i love my JVC more. Shh dont tell my sony that tho! :P

if anyone has anymore questions feel free to contact me @ my email

Ill post your question and answer here as well.
thanks for reading and as always thanks for the support you all have given me!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

About mondays weigh in and shout out!

Hey Everyone!
I know 2morrow is weigh in day,but i wont be weighing in or making a video at all!
I am taking this week for myself and will still be eating healthy and working out.
I have just been feeling a little bit overwhelmed and stressed out so i just wanna take this week for me and then ill be back 2 making videos again on August 16th. in the video i will be having my weigh in,a body shot,and a full update! hope everyone is doing well. :)

Oh before i go i wanna give a BIG thanks for all the encouragement that i have received from all my subbies. But i would also like to give a special thank you to a few people!
Journee2happiness!(my besty!) for the positive love!
chanel hope i spelled your name right (youtube name theneed2change) for all the sweet comments and the tips!
Maryann (youtube name
wishdreamdo01) thanks for checking on me and always being there for me. thanks for all the encouragement! :)
meagan (youtube name
SparkMeagan)thanks girly for the inspirational videos and super thanks for making me an intro! thats awesome! :) ur so sweet!
check out their youtubes if u havent!
I also wanna say thanks to all my family for the love and to my husband for being supportive.
and mostly thanks to the lord! for giving me strength!

best of luck to everyone their weight loss journeys and remember you can achieve anything with time and dedication! and a lot of mind power! lol

much love