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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

So here is a list of some questions i get asked often along with the answers.
I figure i can do this rather have you all wait for me to get back to you. and does kinda suck to have to say the same thing over and over lol.


1.What made you decide to lose weight?

Well I decided to lose weight because I want to be healthy
And im tired of feeling so tired all the time and im tired of not
being able to do the things i wish i could. i dont wanna wish anymore
i just wanna do things! and also a big part of losing weight is that my husband and i can have the family we always dreamed of.

2.What diet plan are you following?

Well Ive tried several different diets. and most of them dont work.
yes i have also tried diet pills and none of them do anything for me either,But like i always say dont NOT try something because it didnt work for me. you gotta try things on your own and see what works for you. Currently i am following calorie counting on weekends and weight watchers during the week. i love weight watchers because you can eat a variety of foods and stay within points and not have to worry about the whole counting calories. but i have always loved counting calories because for me i tend to lose more weight counting my calories. im pretty sure i might be going back to calorie counting full force with in the next week or so.

3.When did you start losing weight?

I started losing weight the very same day i made my Youtube channel which was August 29,2009

4.How much weight have you lost?

I have lost 30lbs so far. I know its been almost a year and i should have lost more but ive dealt with a lot of family crap these last few months. so i did gain some weight back but im working on getting outta the 300's

5.what workouts do you do?

currently I am doing @ home workouts, i make sure i get in some sort of cardio wheather it be walking or jogging in place. i do jumping jacks and a few other things as well. and i do strength training with resistance bands and weights.
i am planning on getting some work out DVD's soon! im open to suggestions.

6.How many days a week do you work out?

I work out 5 days a week.

7.Do you have cheat days?

I have one cheat day per month. but I do not take advantage of that.
but i am planning on getting rid of the cheat day because it sets me back sometimes. just one meal sets me back! thats crazy lol. sometimes the cheat day or cheat meal can become cheat week or even month. i am learning to control it though. you ever feel like giving up?

Yes there are plenty of times where i just get over whelmed with my personal life that i just cant focus properly. and i just wanna give up. because im an emotional eater. so being stressed,or sad or angry just makes me wanna eat. and that doesnt work when you are losing weight.

9. why did you decide to post videos on youtube?

I decided to post videos on youtube basically because i feel that if i can succeed with this weight loss journey and i can make videos and give advice or encouragement to others to succeed then im all for it! i also want to be able to look back and see how far ive come. i motivate myself sometimes lol.

10. whats your goal weight?

My goal weight is to just be healthy but if i had to choose numbers id say my goal is to be 220lbs for now. and then ill work on my ultimate goal of getting to 150lbs.
im working at this weight loss slowly. i dont want to overwhelm myself.

11. what was your starting weight?

all of my information stats are on my youtube channel!

12.who or what motivates you?

My husband is my hugest supporter! and then id have to say the weight loss community is my 2nd biggest motivator! :)

13.What kind of camcorder do you use?

I use 2 different once The 1st one is a JVC EVERIO and the second one is a Sony Handycam. i love them both but i love my JVC more. Shh dont tell my sony that tho! :P

if anyone has anymore questions feel free to contact me @ my email

Ill post your question and answer here as well.
thanks for reading and as always thanks for the support you all have given me!

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