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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Do I wanna lose weight

The question of the day has been Why Do I wanna lose weight?
For What reason would weight loss benefit me?

Well I am losing Weight for Myself. But I am also losing weight so my husband and I can start out own family! We have been trying for a baby for about 4 years. And Ive come to the conclusion that I havent been able to get to pregnant because of my weight. My Cycle for my period has always been 28 days. it was always on time. Until i was 21. then it changed and wouldnt come at all for months I was checked in Feb of 2007 and had a Huge cyst removed from my ovary. and was told that i should be having normal periods after it was removed. well i never got it i had to be put on a medication that would give me a period. and my doctor told me if i lost weight that my period more than likely would come back. and i said "more than likely" and then she said no it will. because i have been tested for PCOS but i dont have it. but i swore i did because my periods were irregular. so they checked again..nope didnt have it. so i said can we try one more time..and so they did but nope i dont it. and they also checked me for any hormonal imbalance they may have missed. but i dont have one. so its my weight. my weight is stopping me from my cycle and my weight is stopping me from enjoying life. and my weight is stopping me from having the family i have always dreamed of. so i am going to do this. i am going to lose this weight. the weight wont control me and nothing else will either. I deserve to be happy. I would benefit from weight loss because I would be healthy again. I havent always been overweight..i gained weight when i got married. before i got married i was a little chubby. i was in my low 200's but the way my body holds the weight is completely different than most people my height. i also am into dance and i havent been able to dance like i used to. my life has been taken away from weight alive breathing but i am living in a shell.
I sometimes get embarrassed of how i look. so i stay inside because i dont want people to look at me. or to think bad things about me. but i go out sometimes because i know its better to get out than to stay in. Once i get my weight under control i know i will feel good inside and outside. :)

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  1. By the number of comments I gather NOBODY wants to hear about your cycle.

  2. Im really not blogging so much for everyone as i am blogging for myself to look back at check out how my life has changed! :)