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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hey hey Everyone heres an update!

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to give u all a little update on me.
so July wasn't the right month for me. I made a lot of mistakes
that i happen to make every time i go on a diet. but this i wanted to
make my weight loss more than a diet. i wanted to make it a TRUE Lifestyle change! I want to change my life and lose th
is weight and become healthy. so this time i have realistic goals for myself. i feel that in doing so is the only way im going to really lose weight. so my main goal is to get out of the 300's and into the 200's i would like to weight 299lbs by Halloween. Thats giving me 12 weeks roughly to get there.
I have set up in my room a chart that will motivate me to get there.
I have my husband working with me as a personal trainer. hes giving me my work outs. BUT i wont be strongly working out until i get all my eating under control. The portions and eating part is what always holds me back from losing weight. so i figure if i focu
s on 1 thing at a time then ill be able to lose this weight permanently. So for now its just Taking control of the food and exercise when i can. then once i get that going to be working out 6 days a week and working on that part. :) i did weigh in on sunday so i will show u a picture of that weigh in.

Sorry its a really bad picture! i was using my husbands crappy cell phone lol!

But anyways theres the weigh in. Yes im back at 343lbs. but im going to lose the weight i have 12 weeks to get 45lbs off my body!
thanks so much for reading and remember u can always comment and give me some advice!



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