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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mini Update

Hey Everyone
Just wanted to give a mini update!
So Thursday was the start of my weight loss journey.
I have been trying to lose this weight..but im no longer trying
I am just doing it now! I realize how much i want this and how
important it is to me. it makes me smile everytime i think about
having a family! i know that this journey is hard and i understand and
realize that food is not what controls me anymore. only i can control how much
food and drinks i put into my body! this weight loss means more to me right now
than anything. and i am not going to give up on myself anymore. I dont feel i have failed i feel that i have made mistakes and quitting several times but i never failed because i never really fully quit at this. i finally learned how to control my cravings and i am learning how to change my lifestyle to make it healthy!
I have been able to control myself and i have not had any take out food all week. today is day tuesday and my weigh in is on thurs and i feel that i am going to have a good loss this week. :) i will see you all on thursday!
please if you are on a journey and you feel like you cant make it
remind yourself why you are doing this. and focus on YOU now!
you are worth it.