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Sunday, August 1, 2010

About mondays weigh in and shout out!

Hey Everyone!
I know 2morrow is weigh in day,but i wont be weighing in or making a video at all!
I am taking this week for myself and will still be eating healthy and working out.
I have just been feeling a little bit overwhelmed and stressed out so i just wanna take this week for me and then ill be back 2 making videos again on August 16th. in the video i will be having my weigh in,a body shot,and a full update! hope everyone is doing well. :)

Oh before i go i wanna give a BIG thanks for all the encouragement that i have received from all my subbies. But i would also like to give a special thank you to a few people!
Journee2happiness!(my besty!) for the positive love!
chanel hope i spelled your name right (youtube name theneed2change) for all the sweet comments and the tips!
Maryann (youtube name
wishdreamdo01) thanks for checking on me and always being there for me. thanks for all the encouragement! :)
meagan (youtube name
SparkMeagan)thanks girly for the inspirational videos and super thanks for making me an intro! thats awesome! :) ur so sweet!
check out their youtubes if u havent!
I also wanna say thanks to all my family for the love and to my husband for being supportive.
and mostly thanks to the lord! for giving me strength!

best of luck to everyone their weight loss journeys and remember you can achieve anything with time and dedication! and a lot of mind power! lol

much love

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