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Monday, July 12, 2010

Weight Watchers update #2

Hey everyone
Its time for an update!

So this week was okay!
I was super confused with how many points i should have!
but i ended up just having 40 points this week.

Also i decided i am going to be doing weigh ins every 2 weeks. so my next
weigh in will be up next monday and then i will do body shots once a month.
and my reason for that is i really feel that weighing in every week puts alot of pressure on
me and makes me feel that if i dont lose anything that i dont wanna make videos.
so im just going to post weigh ins every 2 weeks no matter how much the loss is.

also i made a video on youtube so if u havent watched it go check it out.
if u have then you probably didnt need to read this Blog lol.


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